Wednesday, June 28, 2006


June 28 2006

I'm losing my hearing (one of 5 primary senses for survival)...I'm losing my job I love...I'm losing conversations with family...I'm losing my confidence...I'm losing money...I'm losing the melody...I'm losing control...I fear losing my mind...I feel a loser.

What am I gaining ? I'm gaining weight...gaining over-dependency...gaining unhealthy neediness...gaining in nervousness, fear and pain...gaining vulnerability.

I am nervous, withdrawn, retreating into myself, anxious, stressed, so tired, near to tears, angry isolated and depressed.

But other than that, I feel great !

Why did I start this blog - "THE DIARY OF DEAF - Life and Deaf Matters" ?

Because I believe that a problem shared is a problem halved...and maybe even solved...and many a life has been lost for want of just talking...and writing...

This blog is dedicated to Janet Boreham (1954-84) - who committed suicide (aged 30) after being raped.

So blog away...don't hold back...and please don't tell me to get a hearing aid (I have two)...they don't really help. I have tinnitus, conductive deafness and nerve deafness - 3 in 1.

Scream, shout, whisper or whatever (in words) - but just talk it out...

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